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Guide to Applying for an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba Thank you for your interest in the Province of Manitoba, Canada. The Exploratory Visit process is mandatory as a first step in applying for the
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Good morning Canada good evening anger it is Thursday it's 11 a.m. here in Toronto, and it is time for a regular webinar on immigration to Canada my name is Alex Davidson, and today we're going to talk about the provincial immigration to Manitoba since we have spoken about this program before we'll have our webinar today in Seward over in two parts I'll talk about the program in general first, and then we will discuss updates recent news what to prepare for upcoming sessions etc as usual today I'll spend a couple of minutes introducing our team well then discuss general information about the administrative division of Canada I'll tell you totally the basic difference between federal and provincial immigration, so you get an idea like how exactly those programs work and correlate with each other afterwards we'll focus on the province of Manitoba what it is where it is what you could expect if you're more than hare then well go ahead with the discussion of Manitoba Provincial Nominee streams what sort of stream are there how to apply we'll talk about eligibility of course and then for those who have applied or looking to apply in the nearest future well discuss what you can do and what would be your next steps last but not least of course I'll share that our team's contacts for questions for answers for direct communication with us very briefly about us our team consists of professional licensed immigration practitioners all of us have at least 10 years of immigration and visa practice, and we're located here in Toronto we have a smaller office in Markham Ontario and another office in the New York City in the United States in Bangladesh we have a pretty solid and strong team that's the Visa Center and the underlying reasons why we're together is that we're absolutely sure that Visa Center their team are as passionate as we are but delivering the most serious truthful and professional immigration assistance to the local applicants you very well-known have fraud and lies and fake promises find their ways in your country and how hard it is to find the right partner which would go with you hand to hand during the immigration process and that is why we're standing with the Visa Center in Dhaka from my side I'm tremendously thankful to all of you for joining the regular webinars and spread in a word about them, I honestly believe that together we'll be able to change this situation with a fraud for the best so now briefly about provinces and territories of Canada but as so as I said right the first part of the webinar would be pretty much the general information now our country is the second largest in the world and I believe that we are occupying the best part of the northern American continent Canada consists of ten provinces and 3 territories it is essential here to know that with accordance to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms citizens and permanent residents of Canada so means the new immigrants of Canada have a right to move freely...
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